The Group

Gruppo Alimentare Ambrosini embodies the knowledge and the experience gained by the Ambrosini family during more than 70 years of activity. The two brothers Paolo and Diego and their sister Serena inherited the original traditions and created a cutting edge, modern and innovative group with the authority of a great brand and the passion of great Italian family. The value of Gruppo Alimentare Ambrosini is especially visible in the powerful integration between the various companies of the group and their highly synergetic business model that fosters the creation of consistently innovative and competitive products and services.

The group operates in several sectors of the food industry covering virtually all stages of the supply chain:


All companies in Gruppo Alimentare Ambrosini share the same innovative approach to marketing, emphasizing experience and tradition in an appealing, simple and friendly communication. Special attention is also paid to implement new functions and designs in the entire message communicated by our products, starting from the packaging itself.

Our Group has recently started a total renewal of its brand identity, including brand restyling, refreshing the product range, as well as new promotion and distribution activities.